Although our birth plan changed within the final week of my pregnancy, we decided to keep Bronwyn with us for the c-section. She met with me a few days before and prepared me for what happens from when I arrive at the hospital and exactly what to expect in theatre. Her knowledge was invaluable to me and helped me mentally prepare for it. She kept my husband and I calm and could talk me through what was happening and what to expect next. She stayed with me and helped with breastfeeding in the first couple of hours. And I have the most amazing photos from the birth as an added bonus. I have no regrets about having Bronwyn with me for the c section. – Katherine

When we found out I was pregnant with our first child, my husband and I were thrilled! We started reading up on what to expect and the more we read the more we realised how clueless we are! We had already asked Bronwyn to be our Doula, so when we heard she was teaching classes as well we knew we had to attend. The classes were informative and presented in a relaxed manner which ensured we didn’t feel any more overwhelmed then we already did. This helped us get a good understanding of what lay ahead along with some very practical tips. These classes are a must for any new parents! – Taryn

I would definitely recommend to anyone to use Bronwyn as their Doula. All the aspects of pregnancy and birth is an information overload, and I’m sure for many people, most of what was learnt before the birth is forgotten when labour starts and the mixture of excitement and stress sets in. It was extremely reassuring to have a knowledgeable, experienced, and calm person with us during the build up to the birth and more importantly during the birth itself. She was there for both of us the entire day, offering any form of help, knowledge and reassurance that we needed. Her assistance with the breastfeeding after birth was also extremely important and valuable to us. The respect that the doctors and hospital staff who know Bronwyn show towards her, is also a testament to the value that she adds. We will definitely be using Bronwyn again. – Andre

It’s difficult to find the words to convey how invaluable Bronwyn was during my labour and birth! I was quite nervous to have an induction but Bronwyn phoned me the day before to talk everything over with me, and then still met us at the hospital and checked in throughout the entire day. When I was in active labour Bronwyn guided me (and my husband!) through so many helpful calming techniques which enabled me to obtain my goal of using no pain medication! Without her I’m sure I would not have had the courage to stick to my medication free plan. When I eventually had to have an emergency C-section due to major complications, Bronwyn never left my side and even took the most stunning photos in theatre. It was so beneficial to have Bronwyn help with the initial latching etc. too. Bronwyn still checks in on us and truly feels like part of our family now! – Megan

Bronwyn’s antenatal classes were extremely informative and useful! The knowledge I gained during these classes really helped me understand the entire birth process far better than any book has. She shared not only knowledge but years of experience and practical tips. I left her classes feeling excited and relaxed for my labour process and birth of our daughter. – Megan

Having your husband and a Doula as your birth support team, is a great idea. A friend told me about Bronwyn and the amazing role she plays in the birthing process. She explained to me that whenever a husband and wife arrives at the hospital, they usually get there too early and then at a later stage the husband can’t handle seeing his wife is so much pain, so he’ll give in and they will decide on having an epidural or sometimes it ends in an emergency Cesarean. Having a doula present helps a lot. She advises you on when to go to the hospital. Going through most of the contractions as home, while being able to walk around in the house, doing stuff or going for a walk outside, helps so much. Gravity does the work. It it weren’t for Bronwyn we would’ve gone to the hospital way too early, thinking it was the best thing to do. Let me tell you something, standing while your husband holds you and your Doula rubs your back and she talks you through the contraction, is far more bearable than being strapped to a hospital bed. We went to a Labour Class that Bronwyn presented. It was still very early in my pregnancy, but it so reassuring. My husband was very excited when Bronwyn said in her class the uterus is actually a muscle. That class was so informative. We walked out of that class with a calmness in our hearts, knowing that women were created to miraculously give birth naturally. It is very important to choose the right doctor, if you plan on giving birth in a hospital. Not all of them are pro natural birth. Bronwyn played such a huge part in me being able to have given birth naturally without any pain medication. There was literally not enough time for anything. She has an amazing ability to support a husband and wife in the best experience of their life. – Vicki

I chose Bronwyn Holmes as my Doula after taking Hypnobirthing classes with her. I originally planned to have a water birth at my home. But as fate will have it, I ended up with an emergency c-section due to high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia. Bronwyn was by my side as soon as I let her know what was happening and was a pillar of strength for me. She gave me a very honest and direct briefing of what to expect from the epidural and the entire c-section procedure, which was very reassuring. She helped me to stay calm through a very traumatic experience. After my baby boy was born, she checked up on us in the hospital and came to visit us at home too. I would recommend Bronwyn to anyone as a doula, I found it to be a rewarding, calming experience to have her by my side. She is a compassionate doula, with loads of knowledge and she speaks from experience. – Suné

Thank you so much again for everything you did and still do! You helped me to have courage and strength to bring two big beautiful babies in this world and I could not have done it if it wasn’t for you and your guidance and knowledge. You helped me realize how beautiful and amazing our bodies can be if we just breathe and let them do their thing naturally. You have been part of our journey for so long, you feel like family to us! We appreciate you and would recommend you to everyone! Love  – Juanica and Pieter