Individual Classes

Module 1 – Late PregnancyWe are almost there, time to figure this all out!

Module 2 – Pain Yikes, how painful is it?

Module 3 – BirthGeesh, can I do this?

Module 4 – Interventions, CesareanHuh? But what if?

Module 5 – PostpartumOk, will we ever sleep?

Module 6 – Moms onlyShh, best kept secret.

Module 7 – Dads onlyCome, let’s discuss your real concerns.

Module 8 – FeedingBottle? Breast? How do I keep my baby thriving?

Module 9 – Refresher (38 weeks) – Help, I can’t remember!

Module 10 – Breastfeeding with Baby (Soon after birth) – Support, Please help me!

Module 11 – Reunion (6 weeks after birth) – I’m surviving, how are you doing?

Module A – Pre conception ClassMmm, how do we fall pregnant?

Module B – Early pregnancy ClassEek, we are pregnant, what now?

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