Moms to be

Welcome to Bronwyn Holmes – Doula & Child birth educator.

I first heard of a Doula while I was pregnant with my second child. After an emergency caesarean, due to complications with my first birth, I was eager and anxious to experience a natural birth. I was privileged to achieve a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). This convinced me that I just had to become a doula, to empower women to achieve their childbirth desires and hopefully create a few more positive birth stories out there.

I was again blessed with an extremely empowering 2nd successful VBAC, 2 years later. My 3 three children are my absolute joy and remind me each day how unique and individual each birth experience can be. The family is central to any plan and allowing women choices because they know their options is what I try to achieve for their birth plan. Even after witnessing so many births, each is still a miracle and brings tears to my eyes.

I just love it when you see a woman understand and begin to believe she can. After discussion and a plan of action is put in place, I love to see her breathe a sigh of relief and say: ‘I think I can do this!’”