Thank you for your interest in the Independent Childbirth classes I offer.

I BELIEVE there is more than one way to give birth. You need to SEEK your own answers and DISCOVER your own truths.  I have designed my course to help you BEGIN your unique journey into parenthood.

Your options:

  • 6 module Comprehensive course which will take place over a 5/6 week period.
  • 3 module Gentle Cesarean course which will take place over a 2/3 week period.
  • Weekend Crash Course (By special arrangement)
  • Partner Preparation Course
  • Grandparents Course

A little more about the courses…

Building Birth Confidence – From “I think I can” to “I know I can” (7 Modules)

Module 1 – Late PregnancyWe are almost there, time to figure this all out!

Module 2 – Pain Yikes, how painful is it?

Module 3 – BirthGeesh, can I do this?

Module 4 – CesareanHuh? But what if?

Module 5 – PostpartumOk, will we ever sleep, life with a baby?

Module 6 – Feeding –  Breast? Bottle? How do I keep my baby thriving?

Class Reunion (+/- 6 weeks after birth) – I’m surviving, how are you doing?

The above modules include topics such as informed decision making, stages of labour, coping techniques, epidural, skin to skin, caesarean birth, birth plans, baby bath, labour bags, breastfeeding and sleeping plus so much more. Each week I will also spiral in relaxation and breathing techniques. My offering is far more comprehensive than the classes offered by your local hospital. I go into much detail on each topic and don’t offer just a general overview. I don’t believe one can just touch on topics. I work regularly in the labour wards and theaters and am able to give you current up to date information about what is really going down and not only what the hospital educator wants you to know (or not).

I am an ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association) Certified Childbirth Educator and Wombs Doula with 22 years of experience supporting birthing couples. I have 3 children and have had a Cesarean and natural birth (VBAC). It will be a pleasure for me to answer all your questions and share my knowledge and experience with you.

Group Classes will be held in Somerset West  from 6 pm until 8.45 pm.

Classes are informal and group discussion is encouraged. Come dressed comfortably and bring along pillows or whatever you need to keep you comfy.

Cost: Comprehensive Course – R1500 (per couple) all-inclusive for the 6 module course, plus Practical Pregnancy Book and class notes 

Package deal:  R1800 (per couple) for 6 Module course plus a postnatal home visit including Baby weigh in.

Cost: Gentle Cesarean Course – R750 (per couple) all-inclusive for the 3 module course, plus class notes

Package deal:  R1050 (per couple) for 3 Module course plus a postnatal home visit including Baby weigh in.

Online Live course: R1400 (per couple) all-inclusive 6 module course, plus Practical Pregnancy Book, notes and 30 min private session.

Online recorded course: R950 plus Practical Pregnancy Book and class notes (Done in your own time and pace)

Additional Classes R250 (per couple) per class

Additional Classes:

Partner Prep Course R350, discounted to R250 if completed the full course.

Grandparents Prep Course R300 per couple.

Bronwyn Holmes picI look forward to making this journey possible for you! Spaces are limited therefore a 50% deposit payment secures your spot on the course with the balance due at the first class. Remember…